Arnis (Arnis Escrima and Arnis de Mano)

(Supervising Instructor: Mr Kurt Graham, 7th dan)
Contact: Mr Michael Baczynski (p) 04 1144 2081

Arnis Escrima is a contemporary Philippines’ martial art most characterised by the use of the rattan cane. The method taught at BBRD was synthesised by Senior Master Kurt Graham, one of Great Grand Master Ernesto Pressas most senior students. GGM Pressas is recognised as the founder of Modern Arnis, which systematised a range of eclectic indigenous arts.


We practice primarily through two person application drills (including sunawali), and the focus is on the practical and fundamental use of the cane. Principles are modularised, and there is an opportunity to articulate to the full Modern Arnis system.

The Club has recently been running an Arnis study group under the guidance of Senior Master Kurt Graham. We also have regular visits from Senior Master Graham's certified instructors, including Don Ouellette, Jason Griffiths, and Dave Da Silva.





Where: Mort Estate Activity Centre (MEAC).  (map)

What to bring: Yourself, comfortable exercise clothes to start, water bottle.  Canes can be hired for $2 per session

Once you are training for a while: Arnis training uniform, rattan canes, ancillary weapons. These can be obtained through the Club, or we can provide advice on what might be suitable.

You’ll need to: Pay annual BBRD common insurance ($25 payable once) plus Arnis discipline fee ($10).