Kyokushin Karate

Instructor: Mr Dave Johnson, Sandan • (e) • (p) 0434 539 833

In Martial Arts circles, Kyokushin Karate is often referred to as “The Strongest Karate”. It is renowned for its rigorous training and conditioning, realistic body contact in sparring, the use of tameshiwari (breaking test) techniques, heavy reliance on circular motion and disciplined strictly traditional mannerisms. All the above, and in particular the use of circular movement in the execution of techniques, makes Kyokushin Karate rather unique compared to other Karate styles, which mainly rely on simple linear movement and non contact training.

The word Kyokushin is a combination of two Japanese characters: Kyoku, meaning extreme, and shin, meaning truth; thus Kyokushin means “extreme” or “ultimate truth”. Adding the suffix kai, meaning, “to meet”, gives the meaning of people coming together striving for a common ideal. Therefore, the word Kyokushinkai translates to “Society of the Ultimate truth”. The aim of Kyokushin is to transcend the physical limitations of technique and attain the ideal of truth and perfection through hard training.

In summary, Kyokushin Karate can be described as being elegant and serene in its movements; refined and stable in its form; classical in its methods, beliefs and protocols, yet very relevant in the 21st century as an excellent method of training mind, body and spirit and a very effective means of self-defence.


Tuesday and Thursday 
Kids 3.45 – 4.45 pm
Adults 6.00 – 7.45 pm

Where: 114 North Street, Mt Lofty


What to bring: Yourself, comfortable exercise clothes to start, water bottle.

Once you are training for a while:  Kyokushin Karate white training uniform, shin and instep protectors. These can be obtained through the Club, or we can provide advice on what might be suitable.

You’ll need to: Pay International Kyokushin Karate ($60) affiliation and dojo fee ($20).

Training Fees:

  • per month $80
  • 10 Class card $125

Colts (13-18 y.o.)

  • per month $60
  • 10 Class card $100

Kids (under 13 y.o.)

  • per month $40
  • 10 Class card $75
  • Per school term $110

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Dave’s Training Philosophy