Systema is a Russian martial art

Supervising Instructor: Mr Andrew Seyderhelm, a Full Instructor in Combat Systema and certified Systema Instructor in Vassiliev Systema
Contact: Mr Dylan Green• (e) • (p) 04 153 20 503

Systema (Система) is a synthesis of ancient and contemporary Russian combat systems, originally conceived by Mikhail Ryabko and developed by Vladamir Vasilliev. Its core concepts are founded on physical flow and breath-control, with a focus on self defence.

Practice is undertaken via a structured but relaxed approach. Its technique focus in on the use of striking and body movement to disrupt the posture of an opponent and hence to unbalance them.

Systema's philosophy and teaching approach differs from many Asian martial arts, veering away from the rigid methods of many other styles. A core concern is natural human movement, with an emphasis on four “pillars”:

  • Breathing
  • Form
  • Relaxation
  • Movement

The goal of Systema is to teach people to stay relaxed, keep breathing and moving in the face of adversity. Under duress, or when afraid, people have a tendency to freeze up. The prime outcome of this is the fear-response of holding your breath. This creates tension and you lose your ability to do fine motor skills or even to react and think properly. All Systema training emphasises breathing as a key to staying in control and healthy.



Monday -  6 pm - 7 pm

Wednesday   • 7.45 – 9.15 pm (canceled until farther notice) 
Saturday 3.30–4.30 pm

Where: Mort Estate Activity Centre (Holy Name Primary School), parking in Rosewood Street (map)

What to bring: Yourself, comfortable exercise clothes, water bottle

Once you have been training a while: Mouthguard

You’ll need to: Pay BBRD common insurance ($25 payable once) plus Systema discipline fee ($10)


Profile: Supervising Instructor, Andrew Seyderhelm – Full Instructor in Combat Systema and certified Systema Instructor in Ryabko/Vassiliev Systema. Details about Andrew can be found at the Systema Australia website. Andrew is currently based in Canberra but has regular input into what we do in the Toowoomba study group. Direction of the study group is shared between Michael Baczynski, Michael Conroy, Sean Crust and Dylan Green. They each bring a different emphasis to the class and assist each other to keep the group on track and working on the Systema pillars.