Great evening at the 2014 BBRD Awards Night

Thursday night was great fun from my perspective, and I'd like to thank everyone who made it the evening that it was. Special mentions to Sian Carlyon for her inimitable graphic design flair and style (and the herculean task of organising a booking for near 30 people), the Club instructors for coming up with some great reflections of the deeds of the year in the awards given out, the staff of the Kajoku Restaurant and of course to all the Club's members, both in attendance and those who could not make it for the evening.

As I said on the night, the Club is the sum of everyone's effort and commitment throughout the year, and I feel truly privileged to  be a part of such a vibrant community.

A list of the awards granted will be posted separately in the Club's Facebook group for those who want to see/be reminded of what people received on the night!