All quiet on the Western front... a regular week of training

After a fairly hectic few weeks of seminars, public holidays and university assignment, BBRD is back into regular programming for the next few weeks.  

On the jujutsu front, I'm hoping that we will be returning to more regular class sizes after last week's cold snap and study deadlines appeared to sap the motivation out of some of the class members. Remember that the grading opportunity is now less than three weeks away, and it would be worthwhile to take every chance you can to hone your performance. This includes the Sunday morning "open mat" sessions, where you can generate a little more refinement on kata that do not get as frequent a dusting off. 

We may be receiving a visit from Tom Johnson sensei, on Thursday evening to see how the iaidoka are progressing, and to pass on tips and trick he had gleaned from recent seminars in Perth and in Japan. I would encourage all of our regulars and not so regulars to make it along if they can. This is especially so for those intending to participate in the July seminar and grading opportunity down on the Gold Coast. 

I will also be giving some thought to getting a little more vitality in the Sunday morning kendo classes. Kenshinkai Brisbane will be having a few sessions at the Collingwood Park facility, and we will certainly try to make at least one of the Saturday sessions there. 

And the latest student iteration of the ITSK Arnis-Escrima syllabus is close to release, so we will be working through it over the next few weeks as well.  

So have an excellent week ahead everyone and I'll look forward to seeing you on the mat!