Gym now at Anytime Fitness, Ruthven Street

A new month provides an easy opportunity to start fresh with your training. Brady and I have taken this to refocus on our ancillary training, building towards an expected opportunity to grade in Jujutsu within the next six months. 

Mostly driven by Brady's desire to have 24 hour gym access and an ability to continue training when out of town, we investigated a number of options and decided the best fit was to use the facilities at Anytime Fitness. We have been able to secure a corporate rate for BBRD members of $54.95 per month for a 12 month contract term, with no joining fee. If you are interested in taking up the offer you just need to let Holly the gym manger know that you are a BBRD member when you are signing up. You will still need to pay the fee for the door controller (around $69). 

Once the weather warms up and the outdoor pool opens again, we will be having a separate swim session at Milne Bay Aquatic Centre.