Thanks to the cleaning crew!

I would like to express a quick round of thanks to everyone who gave up their Sunday afternoon to come in and set the MEAC up for the school holidays.  

Callum, Kateena, Lachlan, Sean, Sian, Sylvianne, Tracy and I have given the storage area a mop and tidy, sorted through our “odds and sods” boxes, cleaned both sides of the mats, cleaned the toilet area (thanks especially Callum), dusted around those neglected areas in the main hall (thanks especially Sylvianne), and set things up for the next few weeks. 

Many thanks to Eric who came in earlier to give the whole MEAC hall a good mopping down, making our job far easier to manage. 

Some house keeping to be mindful of over the summer break:

  • As the primary users of the space till the end of January, everyone is responsible for maintaining the general cleanliness and tidyness of the space. If you see something that is out of place and/or dirty, take it on yourself to rectify it. This is especially true in the toilet area. 
  • Be prepared to make yourself available to do at least two more thorough clean of the space before school starts — at a minimum before keiko hajime (after our Christmas/New Year break) and just before school goes back when we have to pack away the mats. We all ought be invested in handing back the space at the end of January in as best condition as we can.  
  • Use of foot ware is mandatory outside the red border in the main hall  especially if you are entering the toilet area. 

Thanks again everyone, and I must say that I am very much looking forward to training tonight on a sparkly clean surface!