Jujutsu — pre-grading preparations

April has traditionally be the start of the preparation cycle for Jujutsu gradings here in Toowoomba, with the actual examination taking place in May before the cold weather properly sets in. We will be setting a date in the next fortnight, contingent on an appropriate grading panel being available.

There are a few things to do for those students wanting to attempt grading. First, in order to be eligible to grade, you must be a current financial member and have a reasonable attendance record. If in doubt, please confirm with Michael or Sian.

Second, make sure that you are aware of the requirements of the grade you wish to attempt. These can be found on the Club's Facebook group. If you can't access your particular grading sheet, please ask Michael ASAP. Carefully look at those requirements, and if there are aspects that you are uncertain of, make sure you clarify what is expected. The onus is always on the student to ensure that they are clear about what they have to do, and to what standard.

Third thing is to make good use of your training time. Grading examinations are an opportunity to demonstrate what you know, rather than tests of what you do not know. Make sure that you use the jigeiko time set aside in training well, and hone your practice to the appropriate standard.

And finally, be diligent in your attendance over the next month. One of the greatest correlations for success at kyu grades is the amount of time you put in "doing the miles", practising the fundamentals, and reflecting on what you are doing. Simply showing up for the odd class is a "low percentage" strategy that you ought avoid.

So good luck everyone! I'll look forward to assisting you on the mat over the next few weeks!