Training this week

After a very intense week of assessment commitments last week, I have the relief of a week at home where I will be preparing for three end-of-Term examinations next week. It will allow me to catch up on a few bits and pieces here as well as give me the extra time/headspace to focus on my studies. 

While this means Gin Gin classes are on hiatus this week, I am planning to run both Jujutsu and Kendo classes tonight in the MEAC to make up for Saturday’s cancellation. It will be good to get some kendo training under our belts in preparation for the SEQ regional training session on the 23rd and the upcoming seminar in July, and to have a late kick off to our monthly focus on ne wasa in Jujutsu. 

Hope to see you in the dojo this evening, and later this week! 

Michael B