Visitors to Jodo

Last week (4th & 6th of July) two students of Sensei Glen Henry, Mr. Darren Higgins and Mr. Ron Payne, came up from Brisbane to Toowoomba and joined us for the Monday & Wednesday Jodo sessions.  They are advanced students at Chushinkan Dojo and gave some very helpful guidance and advice concerning various aspects of jo and sword work - including warm up, kihon and kata.  Monday's training was followed by Mr. Higgins and Mr. Payne demonstrating Omote Kata for the jo and Kenjutsu kata for both the long and short sword.  Wednesday's training ended with a meal at Mort Estate Hotel with discussions on various topics in SMR Jodo with Mr. Higgins and Mr. Payne.  I would like to give a hearty thanks to both Mr. Higgins and Mr. Payne for taking the time to come and train with us, and for giving as much of their experience and knowledge as they could over the two days.