Classes this week

We are almost back to what will be regular programming from this week.

At the MEAC, Jodo is scheduled for Monday and Wednesday, Systema for Tuesday and Thursday, Jujutsu for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and both Arnis and Iaido will be in their regular Thursday slots. In addition, Go is still being played at the USQ refectory (1 pm) on Tuesday, Gym and Swim will be back Tuesday and Thursday morning at Milne Bay.

Kendo is back at the PCYC on Sundays, though we will be another week away from USQ sessions. Just a reminder that from this year he USQ sessions will be on a Monday afternoon rather than a Wednesday afternoon (but still at 4 pm). Finally, we will see what the demand for a Posture and Flexibility class is, and we may start them up again next week. Please let Michael know what your availability is so that the classes can be planned.

Also ,just a quick note also to say that it is understood that Stuart Shaw's classes will be on a hiatus. Once more details are provided I will, of course, let everyone know what is going on.