Annual General Meeting Saturday 30 March

Yesterday evening, the Executive Committee set 30 March as the date for the Club’s AGM. The meeting will be held at the Mort Estate Activity Centre (MEAC) at 4.30 pm, in lieu of the regular scheduled session of FlexiFit. 

There are a few procedural things that we need to ensure before this happens. First, all Club memberships are due before this time. All people currently training, bar those that might be within their first four weeks at the Club will need to renew their membership in order to continue doing sessions at the Club. We shall be asking that instructors use our membership database to ensure that you are a current financial member after this point. 

We will send around a membership renewal form later this week so that you can provide the relevant details. These include: 

  • Full legal name
  • Email address
  • Contact phone number
  • Proper emergency contact details
  • USQ Student or Staff number (even if you have discontinued or finished your studies)  

These are critical for your continued insurance coverage and so that we can make sure you are properly contactable.  

Fees will continue at the same level as for last year. They consist of a core membership, discipline levy, and insurance contribution, and vary slightly depending on which/how many disciplines you train in. These shall be laid out in the e-mail send later this week. If you have any queries regarding your membership, the amount you owe, or any other matters of interest or concern, please contact your relevant discipline coordinator in the first instance, then Sian Carlyon in her role as Treasurer, then myself. 

We would like to see as many of you there as can make it as there will be a number of significant changes going into the new year, particularly as I will be stepping down from the President’s role. To encourage you, we will be putting on a light dinner after the AGM.  

I hope to see you at the AGM and going forward into the new year!