Kendo and Iaido weekend wrap up.

The weekend of Kendo and Iaido was, once again a tremendous learning opportunity, and a really fun weekend away. In addition, it was highly successful, with all members and friends of the Club meeting the challenge of the gradings they attempted.

Matt Greenhatch successfully double-graded at his first seminar to 5th Kyu in Kendo, Rob Doncaster graded to 1st Kyu in Iaido, I was successful in my challenge of Sandan, and Ryo Atsumi shone as the only candidate to successfully challenge Yondan.

I would like to thank all the Sensei whose input, encouragement and assistance facilitated these successes, particularly John Isaacs, Greg Nicholas, Noriuki Tamura and Tom Johnson. Without their support in the lead up to the seminar and over the weekend, we would not have enjoyed the success that we have.

Given that this year the seminar was held on the Gold Coast, we took the opportunity to drive down on Friday night rather than do the excruciating commute both days. Speaking for myself, I would like to express my thanks to everyone who came along and make the weekend as socially enjoyable as it was successful. It is a true pleasure to share a space with folk so easy to get along with and who made all aspects of the trip a breeze. Special thanks to Matt for driving the Toowoomba crew there and back.

So now onwards and upwards! The next opportunity to grade for Kyu grades in is December, where I will be getting back on the Iaido wagon. So Excellent work everyone and we are back to regular Kendo training this afternoon, and Iaido Tuesday night!