No evening training this Tuesday

I just to let everyone know that we will not be having any training on Tuesday night. I will be going to the Yamato Drummers performance in the evening with members from the Club's Taiko group. 

Other than this, we ought to have pretty much our usual full compliment of training sessions this week, including the return of regular Fire and Flow sessions offered by Jesse. 

I'd also like to just note that we have been missing quite a few of you in our regular Jujutsu and Systema classes. Compared with April/May, where we were regularly getting 10-12 on the mat, we have been down on some sessions to three (including myself).

I know that some of you have had work, study, family and health issues over these past weeks, and I just wanted to say that I hope you are seeing some light at the end of those tunnels. You are missed. With luck, we will start to see numbers improve. And give thought to anything that we as individuals or as a Club community can do to make it easier for you to return to regular classes.