New year's resolutions and all ...

A new year can provide an excellent opportunity to re-examine and recommit to principles in training. I would urge everyone to have a look at the Club's various Codes of Conduct as a self check to see what you might work on to improve over this year.

One thing I would like everyone to commit to this year is improving on the rate of "tardiness" that crept into attendances towards the end of the year. This can significantly eat into the available time for class.

I do not want to dwell on this as I include myself in this. However, unless there are exceptional circumstances or commitments you simply cannot avoid, you should be ready to commence class by the nominated start times.

I will amend the class timetable to reflect the actual start time, which I will be holding to. You will need to ensure that you are at the dojo ready to commence (equipment set up and checked, changed into dogi ready for reiho). This will usually mean that you should be there approximately 15 minutes before the nominated time.

So for my part I hope to see everyone coming tomorrow to training at 6pm sharp, and Wednesday Kendo at 3.50pm!