Welcome to 2015!

2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year ahead for the Club, with the calendar already filling up with seminars, retreats, competitions and grading opportunities. Over the coming months we will be engaging in a number of new initiatives and a refresh of how we are doing some things in the Club. Keep an eye out over the coming weeks to see what we have coming up!

This past week  has provided a nice easing into the training year, with Keiko Hajime last Monday well attended and regular classes for Jodo and Jujutsu leading the way for the full spread of disciplines training this week.

Keiko Hajime was great fun this year, with demonstrations and/or participation segments in Systema, Jujutsu, Dragon Wrestling, Arnis, Jodo, Iaijutsu, Tai Chi Ch'uan and Iaido.

Congratulations to everyone who participated, and special thanks to the instructors who directed sessions.

   Keiko Hajime  2015 group photo.

 Keiko Hajime 2015 group photo.