Pittsworth Judo Club Annual Club Competition (Kendo demo)

This Sunday (18 October) is the annual Pittsworth Judo Club's inter-club Judo competition. It is a great opportunity to see young (and not so young) judoka compete, and certainly worth the relatively short drive down the Gore Highway to have a look.

As in previous years, the Toowoomba Kendo community have been invited to do some kendo demonstrations around lunch time between the junior and senior competitions.

I am aware that participation in Kendo has been somewhat depleted over recent months. However, I would ask that you consider dusting off the bogu and participating.

Given that the audience has seen a bit of what we do over the past few years, my idea would be to have two shiai "matches" — one Dan grade and one Kyu grade, with shinpan (singular or plural if sufficient folk participating) scoring the points. We could then have the audience armed with mini "flags" to see who they think scored the points.

However, in order to do this we would need sufficient kendoka to participate. Best laid plans and all that ...

We would be heading to Pittsworth after regular Sunday morning training a the PCYC, and can, of course, share transport out there to make it easier and more efficient to get to the event.

If you could please let Michael Baczynski know ASAP whether you might be interested in attending and participating, so that appropriate planning can be undertaken.