What’s on this week

Just a few things to mention this week. First, it is great to see some new faces at the dojo this past week, there is a promise of some more this week, and we will look forward to seeing some of the old faces return now that USQ exams are over. 

A couple of reminders regarding training schedules for this week. First both Michael C and Michael S are away, therefore there will be no Systema or Fencing classes this week. Second, Gin Gin will be taking a break from the live video link training, and I’d encourage them to have a look at the videos we took to inspire some of their own home practice until we see each other next week. 

At the moment Tom Johnson sensei is planning a visit Thursday night to have a look over how folk are tracking in regard to Iaido with the seminar coming up. While on that, we will be booking accomodation this week, and grading application forms must be in to the QKR no later that this Saturday (two weeks before the grading).  

And don’t forget to have a look through your own archives and share your #BBRD10years stories and pictures. The strength of the Club is in the community we create, and it would be wonderful to see some of those memories shared.