Dojo Day wrap up

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the BBRD Dojo Day on Saturday. Although the after-lunch sessions were a little down on numbers, those that were there for the day got much out of all the sessions.

Many thanks to those who took the extra time to properly spruce up the MEAC, particularly Adrian and Tracy who helped both Friday and Saturday morning. And thanks to Eric and Jesse for running their respective sessions. Fire and Flow was well attended in the morning as was Jodo in the afternoon, with a number of folk trying it for the very first time. I would be wonderful to convert some of them to more regular practitioners on a Monday and Wednesday evening!

This is our last "public" commitment for the year, though training will continue as usual over the summer holidays. The only major break scheduled is between the 24th of December and 2 January, though there may be some variations and additional classes offered on a discipline by discipline basis. Stay posted to the Budo Bulletin, the BBRD Facebook page and group, and announcements at regular training sessions for any changes.