End of Year dinner

Dinner at Kajoku restaurant was an excellent way to cap off what has been a red letter year for the Club. Personally, I cannot think of much better way to celebrate the end of year than in the company of fine folk and excellent food.

I would like to send a hearty round of thanks to Sian Carlyon for organising the particulars for the evening. Sian has been the heart of the Club since its inception, and indeed has been the only continuously active Club member other than myself since the Club was founded in late 2008. It is not an overstatement to say that without her efforts, the Club would be a much poorer entity, if indeed it existed at all.

On one last administrative note: For those of you to yet attend to it, can you please put money directly into the Club's account to cover for your meal. If you are unsure of how much that might be, please contact Sian as she has the official receipt for the night. And should you require the bank details, you can find them on the Club's website under www.bbrd.org.au/fees