Hot weather this week: play it safe while training

It looks like another very hot week ahead of us, so I would like to urge everyone to look after themselves in the heat.  

Japanese martial arts have a tradition of training through adverse conditions, especially extreme heat and cold. While this can be good for the development of mental resilience/toughness, it is extremely important to be sensible with this and ensure that you are both sufficiently hydrated and vigilant for the signs of severe heat stress.  

Could everyone please bring drinking containers to training this week — no exceptions. This is so that you can have said containers close to the keikojo and you can quickly pause to grab a few sips. I will also endeavour to provide sufficient breaks during training where everyone should rehydrate — again no exceptions.  

Could you also remember to bring a pair of easily removable footwear to that if you are ducking outside to use the bubblers or (and especially) nipping into the toilets that you are not walking dirt/germs onto the keikojo. In general, the red border outline in the MEAC determines the place we wish to keep clean, so please ensure you use your footwear as you cross that line. 

Have a good week of training!