Kendo “Have a Go” day: update

We are now less than two weeks away from hosting our first every “Have a Go” day, and preparations are in full swing to try and make it both a wonderful opportunity for current (and “lapsed”) Kendoka in the district to train with visitors from other Queensland clubs, and for folk curious about Kendo to come along and get hands on experience. 

As I’ve mentioned previously, it will be the first time since December 2012 that we have had a delegation of QKR members come for a specific event here in Toowoomba, and I personally am relishing the opportunity to share one of my martial arts passions with a new audience. 

The consignment of new shinai arrived on Friday last week. I will be making a head start on preparing these for use through the week, but we will be having a general shinai maintenance workshop this Saturday afternoon to thoroughly check the existing stock of Club shinai and ensure that they are all fit for use. I will provide details at training this week regarding the timing etc. for the workshop.

On the promotions front, I am about to launch a Facebook “event” to help direct traffic to the day, and am currently working on media releases to launch on Friday and then again early next week. We will also be attempting to access as many community notice boards as we can to entice the public, and I have treated some DL flyers that ought arrive by mid week so that we can start to distribute them. Please let me know if you are willing/able to walk some of these around your workplace/school/community so that I can arrange to get some to you. And please share the event as widely as your network allows so as many people as possible know about the day. 

Next Wednesday we will be doing a Kendo-focussed demonstration during lunch time in the USQ Quad, and again some extra assistance from the wider Club community would be gratefully accepted so that we can engage as many of the University community as we can.  

The day itself will again benefit if the broader Club community can come to support it. We will need assistance with “bump in” and “bump out”, runners to get lunch, and stewards to help direct people on the day— both the visiting kendoka and the public. Please let me know ASAP if you are able to help on Saturday 24 so that we can develop a roster. 

So please spread the message, share the Facebook event, forward details to interested colleagues and friends, and come and Have a Go yourself (whether you are a “lapsed” kendoka or have never tried the art before)!

Key Details: 

Date: Saturday 24 February 2018

Location: Salo Centre, St Ursula‘s College, Taylor Street

This is a free event. We will have loan equipment available for use. Simply turn up, sign up and jump in.  


10.00 am • Kendo Keiko for current and previous kendo practitioners
This session is to take advantage of the opportunity to train with high level Kendo practitioners, and for the general community to be able to see what good quality kendo looks like. It will also encompass an opening ceremony and some general remarks/directions for the day. 

11.45 am  • “Have a Go” session
This is open for all members of the general public to get their first hands-on experience of Kendo. We will be catering for children from age 7 upwards and adults who would like to give it a go. The session will run for approximately 1 1/2 hours and will have a high ratio of participants to kendoka helping to guide your first steps in the art. 

2.00 pm • Regional kyu grading opportunity
 There will be a grading opportunity held for those that have put in the requisite paperwork as of last week. From Toowoomba, Sian C and Sean T are attempting grades, and there may have been some from other kendo clubs in Queensland who may have applied. It would be lovely to see folk stay and support all candidates by watching this event. It will be the first regional-level kyu grade held in Queensland, and is hoped to be a template for more grading opportunities to be run in the State. 

3.00 pm • Afternoon Tea in the Toowoomba Japanese Garden
Weather, time and interest permitting, we will be hosting our visitors for afternoon tea and showcase the Toowoomba Japanese Garden. We will gather underneath the wisteria near the Regent Street entrance to the Garden.