New timetable almost bedded down

Hi Folks! We almost have the new timetable up and running at the Club, though there are still to be some small changes over the coming weeks as we start to settle into our new routines.  

The biggest change is the shift in training from Sunday morning to Saturday afternoon. This will affect Kendo and Arnis directly, and will facilitate the running of a weekend Systema session for the first time in years.  

Make sure that you have a look at for the current times. We are trying to ensure that the discipline pages accurately reflect the training schedule, though there may be a few that fall through the cracks. If in doubt, please call or e-mail the relevant discipline coordinator to check. 

So we start today with FlexiFit at 6 pm, followed by Jujutsu at 7 pm. I hope to see may of you there for class, especially at the new Saturday times!