Jujutsu Nyumon gradings this weekend

This Saturday the Club will be facilitating Jujutsu gradings from 9th through to 6th Kyu at the MEAC.

The gradings proper will run from 12.30-2.30 pm, but the dojo will be open from 11 am for set up and last minute practice. Pre-grading training will cost $10 for those wanting to attend. Grading fees will be $10 for application to grade (non refundable) and $20 for registration of a successful grade. As is done in Kendo, the full fee is payable before the grading commences and a refund shall be provided if the candidate is unsuccessful.

Please print out a copy of the grading criteria for the exam you wish to attempt and give it to Michael either at training this week or on the Saturday before 12.30.

Spectators are most welcome, so please come along and support those fellow Club members attempting a grading!