Thanks to Phoenix Central

I just wanted to announce that the Club has been just been awarded as a recipient of a $2000 grant through Phoenix Central for the purchase of more mats. While this is less than the Club had applied for, it is a very generous amount of money and will help to expand the training surface at the MEAC.

Ultimately, the Club is working towards a full sized Judo shiaijo, consisting of an 8 x 8 m yellow matted play zone and a 2 meter border surrounding that. Mats are expensive, costing approximately $220 per mat to purchase and ship to Toowoomba, so we will be holding a number of fund raising activities over the coming months to speed that process along.

Many thanks to Kate Charles and Peter Munster for their efforts on behalf of the Club, and we look forward to working with them to secure the extra revenue needed to obtain more mats.