Nagayama sensei seminar

I Just wanted to report briefly on the ACT Queen's Birthday Weekend seminar with Nagayama sensei. Queensland was well represented with Dave Kolb sensei, Tom Johnson sensei and myself in attendance, and former Club member Sean McAvoy participating. It was wonderful to catch up with Sean, and I spent a great afternoon with him under the instruction of Franklin sensei refining our performance of kata we will be required to demonstrate for upcoming gradings. It was also wonderful to finally meet some of the ACTKR folk face to face, and next time I am in town I will definitely have to bring my bogu!

Nagayama sensei was both generut with his time and insightful with his analysis of our performance, and we had a fun time at the Canberra Yacht Club (which I hadn't been to for more than 20 years!). Hopefully Nagayama sensei will continue to support Australian budo, and we get more opportunities to be subject to his expert guidance.