Dogi wrangling part 1 ...

I spend a little time Saturday afternoon going through the uniforms tub in the store room to see what is currently out an unaccounted for. On the list (all jackets) are:

1 Size 5 Fight World brand white single weave
1 Size 5.5 Fuji brand white double weave
2 Size 6 Fuji brand white single weaves
2 Size 6 Sports Master brand white double weaves
1 Size 6 Fight World brand black single weave

If you have them sequestered away in your cupboard, please bring them to the dojo this week or call me to let me know when you will be returning them to me, again, no later than this Sunday. 

Uniforms cost at least $100 to replace, and they will be needed for the expected flush of new students that inevitably start from O-week onwards. Please, do not be "that guy" and require me to chase you in regards to this. Just saying ...