Andrew Seyerhelm seminar wrap up

I just wanted to once again say a big thank you to Andrew Seyderhelm for the seminar he delivered on Saturday. We managed to work through a six and a half hour dump of "practising Systema" — and as such we still didn't even get to all of the planned content!

Andrew's approach to the material, as always, was clear an insightful. We have many things big and small to practice over coming months. I'm sure everyone can still feel the outcome of the "mind in the elbow" heavy striking session. We have Andrew's notes from the day, so we will be working from them starting this Tuesday night.

I really enjoyed being able to spend the day with everyone, meeting new friends like Tony Dunne and catching up with old friend like Michael Conroy (who we hope to see a little more of in coming weeks!).

For those that missed out this time, we are going to tray and organise him to come up in the second half of the year, once he and the family have settled into Canberra for his new job in the AFP.