Social Media experiment

I'm just wanting to run a little bit of a social media experiment with the Club's Facebook  page over the next few weeks, and would love if everyone on the Club's distribution list could help out.

First up, if you are a Facebook user and haven't "liked" the Club's Facebook page, please do so. Second, for the next two weeks, could you "like" the posts that come through on the page.

I'm hoping that we can continue to grow the reach of of the Page over the next month so that we might get more traffic both through the Club's various channels and in class. By liking things, you will see more of the Club's material come through your news feed, and more importantly, so too will your broader network of friends.

To that end we well also be putting up a new You Tube channel in coming weeks and try and re-syndicate some of the best martial arts related content that we find on the Net.