Solidarity and sympathy

It is always saddening and frustrating to hear once again the aftermath of hate. News of the mass shooting in Orlando Florida is again an ugly reminder of the pull that fascism has on the psyche of civil society, and the tragic consequences that flow from a peculiar mix of disenfranchisement, sense of entitlement, and disdain for the right of others to live their personal lives as they choose.

I will not comment on the background of the shooter, save to say that whether Wahabist or Westboro, or just being a nasty piece of work, violent intolerance not theological orientation is a clear root for this abhorrentdisregard for life.

So solidarity and sympathy for all the members of the LBGTIQ community both within the Club and in the broader community. Vale to those whose lives were lost, and thoughts to those of you deeply affected by this, both today and in the coming weeks.