Bon voyage to Minty!

With a tinge of sadness, I’d like to note that Minty Ma will be leaving Toowoomba at the end of this week to move back to Sydney. She has been successful in securing a speech pathologist role there, and will be off by the end of this week.  

I first wanted to express my thanks to Minty for being a phenomenal 2IC of Kendo at the Club. This has especially been appreciated over the past seven months that I have been travelling to Bundaberg and back in pursuit of my studies. Minty’s knowledge, skill, enthusiasm and diligence have always shone through, and she has made an enormous contribution to Sean T’s and Kateena’s kendo development. 

Given the disruptions to training this week, we will have to confirm a location for her final training session in Toowoomba (at least for the moment). However, we fully expect to see her at QKR seminars to come and join the fun of a weekend away! 

So on behalf of the Club, we very much wish her all the best, and will hope to see her soon!