Congratulations from this weekend.

The QKR annual winter seminar and grading was held in crisp conditions this weekend. Sub-zero mornings saw four BBRD members trek down the hill to participate in the seitei iaido and kendo training opportunities at Collingwood Park.

As always there was valuable input from all the Sensei in attendance. Many thanks to Isaacs Sensei, Hiroko Tsukadaira Sensei, Nicholas Sensei, Tamura Sensei, Kagami Sensei, Humphries Sensei and Johnson Sensei for their advice and direction over the weekend.

There are a couple of important announcements arising from the weekend. First, congratulations to Robert Kimber and Maaike Stehouwer, both of whom double graded to ikkyu and sankyu respectively. Robert now has the 12 month build up to an attempt at shodan, which means he gets at least one more opportunity to play in the kyu grades at this year's Australian University Games. Both Robert and Maaike received many compliments from people over the weekend for the elegance and robustness of their kendo.

Also announced at the seminar was Toshi Tsukadaira Sensei's successful attempt at his 7th Dan iaido grading. It is a wonderful personal achievement and excellent news for iaido practitioners in Queensland.

Finally, there has been a renewal of the QKR executive as a result of a number of the long-standing members stepping down from their positions. In particular we would like to thank Dr Kevin Humphries for his 15 years of active service to the kendo, iaido and jodo communities of Queensland, and his tireless efforts in organising seminars, visits and other special training sessions over that time.

The new executive represents a spread of Clubs and interests within the Renmei and consists of:

President: Tom Johnson (Iaido and Jodo, Kohokai, Ipswich)
Vice President: Paul Willis (Kendo, Nippon Seibukan, Townsville)
Secretary: Dave Fitzgibbon (Kendo, Ken Shin Kai, Brisbane)
Treasurer: Michael Baczynski (Kendo and Iaido, Bun Bu Ryo Do, Toowoomba)

Here is wishing the incoming executive all success in the coming year — Ganbatte!