Toowoomba Languages and Cultures Festival 2017

The annual Toowoomba Languages and Cultures Festival is on this Sunday, and once again the Club will be providing some colour and movement for the assembled crowd.

The Festival is one of the most important public engagements that we have with the wider community, and each year we have managed to interest new folk to come and try what we have to offer and even sign up for the long haul.

Things to do this week in preparation:

  1. Everyone is needed and useful on the day. There are a number of Club members who cannot attend due to other commitments, so even if you have not been regular to training in recent weeks, we will need your help. If you are injured, you can still interact with the public and hand out information flyers. And we would love to see some of our out-of-town friends and supporters come and join in the fun!
  2. Make sure that your uniform and equipment are all in good order for Sunday— cleaned if not pressed where appropriate, and not damaged. If you need to borrow something, let Michael know ASAP so that we can see what can be arranged. I have a limited number Club t-shits that can be provided on loan if you do not have one yourself.
  3. Come along on Saturday afternoon to help load up our equipment. We will not be training Jujutsu on Saturday as we will have opportunity to do so on Sunday through the day. Instead, we will do our equipment pack at 4 pm, after the usual weekly clean (so come along at 3 pm to help with that too).
  4. "Bump-in" is before 8 am. I will be hiring a trailer for the day, which we can then leave parked where we need it to be, but obviously I will require some hardy early morning types to look after the equipment and start setting up while I relocate my car.
  5. If you are less hardy/need the sleep in, come along to Queens Park (corner Hume and Margaret Streets) dressed in something that identifies you as a Club member — Training uniform, Club t-shirt, weapons etc. We will be located nearer to Gate 2 on Margaret Street You should not have any bother coming in if you say you are a part of the BBRD demonstration, and it should be free. I will provide an update late this week once final details have been released.
  6. Gates open to the public at 10 am – 4 pm, and we will be physically doing things throughout that time, but the busiest time for us is usually between 11.30 am– 1.30 pm. If you can only be there for a brief period of time it it better if you can do so then. Please let Michael know ASAP when you are able to be there so that we can properly set the schedule for the day. 
  7. We will be running 30-40 minute sessions throughout the day, with some that we will allow public participation. Make sure that you bring a water bottle and either some food or money (the food on offer at the Festival is delicious, but the line up can be long). Also make sure you have sun protection. The weather is predicted to be sunny, but much colder than what we are expecting mid this week. Again, it is just a case of being sensible.
  8. "Bump out" commences at 4 pm, and we will need sufficient folk to make that process relatively painless. We will unload at the dojo straight away, though our major clean will take place next weekend.

So I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead. The Festival ought be fun as it always has been, and I'll look forward to seeing you there!