“Give it a go” for Kendo, Saturday 24 February

I’m excited to announce that the Club will be progressing with plans to tie in a community muster and regional kyu grade for Kendo to be held on Saturday 24 February.  

The event is designed to give the University and broader Toowoomba community a better idea of what good kendo looks like, and provide and opportunity for adults and kids to try it out. This is in conjunction with the QKR’s desire to see more children participate in kendo, including the Queensland Governement’s Get Started Voucher system, which the Club will be registering for. 

We have received enthusiastic support from senior kendo practitioners who will be making their way up the Hill to provide a demonstration of kendo and sit on the grading panel. We will be locking in arrangements this week to secure a venue for the event so that we can start to advertise it more widely. 

Keep an eye out on the Club Facebook page, and the website for more information this week, and I will provide an update in next week’s bulletin!