Thursday nights = Internal Power! + Jodo

On Thursday nights I will introduce a training method that would be of benefit to any martial art. It is a training method that focuses on building the internal structure of your body. It's not my method, and I don't even claim to be good at it! This is a training method distilled by Dan Harden (of Boston), and brought to Australia by Aikido practitioners such as Stephen Seymour (Sydney), Michael Dreyer (Hobart) and Michael Nash (Brisbane). This is a small but growing group of martial artists interested in developing "internal power" (IP).

This is an excerpt from Dan Harden's website

"What do we seek in power, stability and motion? What do we mean by Power? We do not develop or concern ourselves with power in the sense of how much weight we can lift, or most other conventional measurements of power. Our concept of power first begins as a pronounced sense of supported and dynamic balance in our own bodies. This support has direct health benefits in supporting the skeletal frame and strengthening the connective tissues as well as building a peculiar retained balance in movement that to anyone on the outside feels like, power."

The set of exercises I would like to share starts with proper alignement of the body, extension of energy within, and eventually working to move dynamically with a relaxed tension. I will introduce these exercises to those interested on Thursday nights for just 15 minutes a week at 7:30pm (after Jujitsu/Dragon wrestling and before Systema/Jodo).

First IP class: 7:30pm on 23rd October.

ALSO NEW: Jodo classes starting on Thursday nights! (in addition to Tuesdays)