Last week of training for the year at BBRD

We are now rapidly heading down the home stretch for training in 2014 at the Club. It has been a very full year this year with significant growth in the numbers of participants across the disciplines.

Please check with your individual instructors in the other disciplines, but the last Systema class for the year will be Tuesday the last Jujutsu class will be Saturday, and the last Kendo session will be Sunday morning at the PCYC.

If you are coming along to Sunday Kendo (even if you can't make it for training), please bring a plate of food to share as we will be distributing some awards and spending time together to reflect on a very successful year.

Keiko hajime will be on Monday 5 January. I will send out details, but we will most likely have a dojo tidy/mat clean for the start of the year followed by some training across a number of the disciplines.

I hope to see many of you through this week, but if I do not, please have a fun, safe and relaxing holiday break.