Notice of changes to the fee structures at BBRD in the new year.

I just wanted to write to give the membership advanced notice that, reluctantly, we will be changing the fee structure of classes at the Club from January 5 2015.

The cost of Class contributions have been the same for over four years, and we are needing to make the changes to cover increases in our ongoing costs that have occurred during this time. The changes will be most noticeable for people paying casual class contributions. Individual instructors will be able to tell you more about how the fee changes may affect you.

We can assure you that there will not be any dramatic changes, particularly for many who are currently paying monthly contributions.

A full outline of the new contributions will be posted on the Club website this week.  The headline changes for class contributions will be:

  • Casual fees at the MEAC will be based per session rather than per night. One session will still be $10, but if you do two sessions back to back, the cost will be $15
  • Full time students or concession card holders will continue to pay $60 per month training. However, the standard monthly contribution will now be $70. To be eligible for the monthly rate, you must pay within the first week of the calendar month.
  • Payments through the Club's e-commerce site will incur a surcharge in order to cover costs there. Cash payment made at the dojo or direct bank transfer will not.
  • Kendo at the CBRC will increase to $10 per casual session, or $5 for those members who contribute a monthly amount for MEAC classes.
  • Likewise, Saturday Jujutsu will attract an extra $5 contribution for monthly paying members.
  • Equipment use for consumables such as shinai and Arnis canes shall be one "gold coin" donation per session.

We understand that students can face variable circumstances throughout the year, particularly university students. If you face difficulties, please come and talk to us rather than "disappear", as arrangements can be made to meet your obligations. Often this can be done with in-kind contributions such as regular cleaning of the dojo and its surrounds.

Do remember that all money raised by the Club gets ploughed back into providing equipment or covers other necessary expenses to provide the services that we do.

There will also be changes to some of the membership and insurance fees in the new year, though these will be outlined a the beginning of March as we approach the membership renewal period.