Less than a week to go ...

Jujutsu shinsa is now less than a week away. I would like to commend all of the effort put in by those who are challenging a grade on Saturday morning, and thank all those of you who have been assisting them with their preparations.  

A number of the potential candidates have unfortunately been unable to commit to the date due to work and family commitments, reducing the number participating. However, I would still strongly encourage everyone who is not otherwise engaged to come and help on the day. Things that will need to be done include: 

Proper preparation of the dojo space (from 9 am)

  1. Set up and clean of the mats
  2. Clean the toilets and make sure the floor on the MEAC is properly swept
  3. Tidy up of the usual school detritus /Extend area
  4. Set up the kamiza, including sensei portraits
  5. Arrange chairs for visitors to view the grading
  6. Table for the grading panel with three chairs

 Assistance with the shinsa (from 10 am)

  1. Make yourself available to be uke for the candidates. For your own preparation, you will be doing the jumbi undo preparatory exercises with candidates, and you will need to be wearing a clean and presentable jujutsu gi
  2. Help direct any late visitors around the dojo
  3. Take footage (photos and video) of the shinsa 

Bump out (from approximately 12.30 pm)

With a reduced number of candidates, we should certainly be finished slightly ahead of schedule. We will need folk to take responsibility for

  1. Picking lunch up and bringing it to the dojo for a post-event celebration  
  2. Returning the MEAC to its usual configuration  

Please let Michael know ASAP if you wish to take specific responsibility for one or more of these tasks.  

And finally, good luck everyone! And gambatte!