Last week of school holidays

While it seems that summer will continue to have a sting for some time, this week marks the last full week before school returns for the new academic year. This will mean that we will have to once again put away our training surface and accouterments each night, and make our contributions to the shared facility of the MEAC. It will also mean that there will have to be inevitable changes to the Kendo timetable, as we will no longer have easy access to the MEAC of an afternoon due to the Extend After Hours program. 

The first order is some housekeeping — we will take the opportunity this Saturday to do a very thorough clean of the MEAC from 2 pm, including our tatami and the storage room. I would like as many hands on deck as available to ensure that we can be as thorough as required.  

Second, we will need to again look in earnest for a facility to hold kendo practice, as a single Sunday session is insufficient to maintain the training momentum, particularly if we are keen to send competitors to the Australian University Games this year. Can I ask that everybody keep a look out for potential venues. In order of priority, we require somewhere with sufficient ceiling clearance and a safe surface (sprung floor ideal) and of sufficient size (minimum of 120 square meters). 

So I'll look forward to seeing many of you through this week!