Date claimer Friday afternoon 27 October, Monday morning 30 October

I'd just like to ask that if we could have Club members available on Friday 5 pm of the 27th and on Monday morning of the 30th in order to help with picking up and dropping off of extra training mats for the SMR Jodo seminar and public demonstrations.

Thomas Banhazi has very generously offered to support our event by loaning his mats to add to ours. As he will be overseas at the time, we will need to arrange to pick them up and drop them off. Kateena has offered the use of her ute. However, we will need to move them from (and on Monday, to) their position in the Q block theatre, and more hands will make for much lighter work. 

This includes setting up the dojo for the following day, including cleaning the toilets, tidying the main hall, and giving the floor a mop down on Friday. Please let Michael know ASAP is you are able to help.