Thoughts for Paris and victims of political violence across the world

The events in Paris on Friday night have touched off a wave of shock, fear and grief across the world. What is clear is that repercussions of this coordinated attack will be felt for some time.

The Club has a particular connection to the City of Lights, with members Lina-May Ramony and Jeanne Séronie-Doutriaux having returned there after both having studied and trained in Toowoomba this year. Both have been reported in safe via Facebook, which we are thankful for.

On behalf of the Club I wish to declare that we stand with all who hold the values of liberté, égalité, and fraternité dear to their hearts. Our thoughts are with the victims of politically sponsored violence across the world— both direct and indirect— as these acts are an utter rejection of the promise that the French national motto provides. Only by holding true to these values can we hope to make a positive difference to the world.