Last week for the year

The year is well and truly drawing to a close, with this week being the last of official Club activities for 2018. 

First to some house keeping. Monday night sessions will be on as usual, so so be prepared to start five minutes in from the scheduled time slot. For Tuesday, Michael C has decided to take an early break and restart Systema after New Year. There will be no training Wednesday night, as we shall be at Kajoku restraunt from 6.30 pm. Thursday, we will have lunch time jujutsu at 12.30 pm in the MEAC, and if anyone would like a final Arnis hit up for the year, we will have a session at my home from 5.30 pm, where we will be welcoming a new participant. Saturday will be keiko yame, and we will give the MEAC a quick mop and final tidy for the year at 2 pm before doing final sessions in jujutsu and kendo. 

Second, if you have not RSVPed regarding dinner on Wednesday and you are intending on being there, please contact me immediately so that we can make an adjustment to the booking. Remember to explicitly say whether you are bringing someone along (and partners and kids are most welcome).  

Finally, If I don’t get to see you before the start of the Christmas break, I hope that you enjoy your time off, stay safe, and will hope to see you at keiko hajime on Thursday 4 January!