QKR news

The QKR seminar and grading opportunity is fast approaching, and we will need to put in place a number of things this week in order to make sure that everything for the weekend of 14-15 July goes smoothly.  

First, most everyone has sorted out their annual QKR membership dues, though there are a few exceptions to this. Please attend to this matter immediately if you have not done so. Remember, your payment needs to go to the QKR account, not the BBRD account. 

Second, could you please ensure that seminar and any relevant grading fee are sorted before the end of this week. The schedule of fees can be found on the QKR website. Remember that you will need me to sign off on any paperwork for gradings as the dojo representative. 

Third, I would like to sort out our accomodation by this weekend. I know that a number of your have said you are definitely going, but just so we can set up a solid admin trail, could you please e-mail me if you intend to stay with us as a Club group at an Air BnB, or if you would simply like to share a meal with us Friday or Saturday night. I am back in Bundaberg the week before the seminar, and so will be heading directly from there to the Gold Coast Friday afternoon. This will mean that we have to be much more organised than on previous occasions. 

And finally, I’d like to offer a rousing gambatte! for Tom Johnson, sensei who is in Japan this week challenging for Godan in Jodo. I would like to wish him all the best, and shall look forward to seeing him on the Gold Coast in a few weeks time.