Back from the wilds (training for the next two weeks)

The countdown to the start of summer is well under way, with two more weeks till the QKR summer seminar on the Gold Coast and two more weeks of the school year at Holy Name Catholic Primary.  

Over the next fortnight there will be a few configurational changes in the MEAC as the school will be preparing for its annual Christmas concert. This will mean that the stage platform will be up, reducing our overall floor space on which to train and necessitating an efficient use of what space we have. Be prepared to be a little flexible with how and where we will be setting up. 

One procedural change we will be starting from this week is to ensure that Kendo starts on time. Minty will be kicking off reiho at 7.45pm sharp, so that those who are coming in just for Kendo can complete it and a warm up while those of us who have been doing Jujutsu can quickly change and start class (we ought to be generally warm enough). This will mean that you ought to ensure you come to Kendo early enough to be ready for the start, and for those of us participating in the earlier class, your bogu and shinai ought to be set up ready to go before you start Jujutsu. 

In preparation for Iaido grading, a few of us are planning to go down the hill to Pine Mountain and get an extra session or two in with Tom Johnson sensei. This will mean that there will be no FlexiFit next Wednesday. And of course, there will be no Kendo on Sunday 3 December as we will all be down the Coast. 

Beyond that, we will be putting out a Summer time table that will have a few extra lunch training sessions and some slightly earlier start times for training taking into account the fact we will have the run of the MEAC till January 22. I am planning to have a thorough clean of both the main hall and the storage area in the first week of the holidays, so keep an eye out for when we are going to do that!

Oh and our end of year dinner (and awards night) will be held at Kajoku restraunt that week too, so keep an eye out for the details/RSVP deadline for that one!