Gin Gin Japanese Martial Arts Friendly Weekend

The Gin Gin Japanese Martial Arts Friendly weekend is on this Saturday and Sunday, with a bunch of Toowoomba-based BBRD members heading up to support the event. Sessions will begin 10.30am Saturday, with Kendo, Iaido and Jujutsu, followed by Judo training and a friendly Judo competition on Sunday.

The Saturday session is $10 for the whole day, and is structured as a “have a go” for both absolute beginners and experienced martial artists alike. It will be held in the National Fitness Hall, corner of the Bruce Highway (Mulgrave Street) and Walker Street, just opposite the Gin Gin Police Station. Sunday’s proceedings will be held at the Gin Gin Primary School’s Hallare $15 to participate, and includes lunch.

We will be doing a small dojo pack-up in Toowoomba Friday afternoon to take some gear in support of the weekend, and the main group heading up will be leaving Toowoomba around 5.30 am to make sure that we are there with plenty of time to set up.

As a result there will be no training at the MEAC in Toowoomba this weekend or the next with QKR Seminar on).

I am personally very much looking forward to the weekend, and I’d encourage the BBRD community to either come in support if you can, or to encourage folk who are close to the event to come and give it a try!