Campus kendo demonstration this Wednesday lunch time

With USQ O-Week starting this week, we will be taking the opportunity to promote the “Have a Go” day in the USQ Toowoomba Quad from 12-1.30 pm. 

This event is just for Kendo, as the main Club Muster Day has been shifted to next Wednesday in conjunction with Phoenix Carnival. However, if you are free, it would be most appreciated if you could come along and help by handing out promo flyers to the crowd. 

I will be in the quad from 11.30 am to set up the bollards etc, but the main action will be from 12.30 till 1.30 pm. We will be doing some keiko and kata, and it will be a good opportunity to put a final polish on things before coming under the eyes of the visiting sensei on Saturday. 

If you are coming down, please wear a Club t-shirt for this or any other promotion that we engage in this year. I have three new size L ones that can be purchased for $15, though I would encourage you to order one via the BBRD T-Shirt Shop (or ask nicely to borrow one of my spare shirts).