Jodo inter-dojo training 18 March

Hello All,

This past Saturday was the inter-dojo training with Chushinkan Dojo of Brisbane. Glen Henry Sensei with five of his students came to the MEAC to guide us through a 2 1/2 hour training session concentrating on the jo and with a 1/2 hour demonstration of kenjutsu kata, omote jo kata, and chudan jo kata.

I found the session very helpful, with not only Sensei Glen's informative instruction but also with paired practice with advanced practitioners of the art. I hope I speak for everyone in thanking everybody who came up from Brisbane to help out with the day, and especially to Sensei Glen Henry for helping to organise our periodic get togethers.

The next mixed dojo training day is expected to occur in late April. Keep an eye out for announcements.