Congatulations for successful Nyumon jujutsu gradings!

I just wanted to write a quick work of congratulations to all who came on Saturday to participate in the Jujutsu gradings.

First up I would like to thank Steve Witney sensei for forming the grading panel with me and providing that vital set external eyes to benchmark and validate the gradings that everyone received.

I'd also like to thank Brady Albrand for helping the candidates make their last minute preparations before the grading commenced.

As for the grading itself I want to commend everyone who participated. The level of resilience, determination and technical competence shone through and everyone impressed both Steve sensei and myself. To the results:

9th Kyu
Wayne Frith

8th Kyu
Maaike Stehouwer
Tony Schirmer

7th Kyu
Aaron De Smet
Dylan Green
Lauren Ole

6th Kyu (and hence progression to blue belt)
Daen Fryar

Well done everyone!