Happy winter solstice everyone!

Wednesday marks the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, and I'm looking forward to the longer days, particularly having more sunlight in which to practice Arnis on a Thursday. This week also marks the end of Semester 1 at USQ, with last exams on Friday (including one pesky A&P exam for me on the Friday). At this stage I am intending to be thoroughly prepared by Thursday afternoon and will be at the dojo Thursday night. If there is any variation to this, I will let everyone know ahead of time.  

In contrast to our usual practice of being able to leave the tatami down for the holiday period, we will have to continue picking up the mats during our nightly training as Extend will be running a holiday care program in the MEAC. Cleaning etc will still have to be done as per usual, and we will have to coordinate an inventory and maintenance of equipment over the break. 

So good luck if you still have assessment due this week, and congrats if you are all done. And make sure you take time to enjoy the increasing sunlight over the coming weeks!