No training at the MEAC this week

I have spoken with a number of you over the past week, but just to let you know that we will not have access to the MEAC this week as Holy Name Primary School will have it set up for their annual Art Show.  

This Sunday, as part of the festivities related to the Arts Show Carnival, the Club has been asked to do some formal demonstrations over the lunch period. We are scheduled to do a 15 minute slot at just before 12 pm and another around 2 pm, though we will have the marquee set up on the oval and conduct some free-form practice from 11 am. This is an excellent opportunity for the Club to formally engage with the school community, so they can get a little more accurate idea of what the "karate guys" do in their school hall of an evening!

There are still some details to be nailed down, and I will put out a separate "Special" Budo Bulletin with an update mid-week. 

We will do our usual spread of disciplines based on the availability of members to lend a hand, and what the weather has in store for us on the weekend.